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Monday, 12 December 2011

last monday

Well today is the last monday class before te final exam coming on january.. Cant believe JC1 will over soon.. Right now there are too many things to read.. I hope i could manage this properly.. I dont want to fail myself !!

Well im fasting today.. Kind of starbing right now..maybe because the weather is too chilly that make me somehow easily get hungry..

Hurmmm cant focus on my study right now.. Dont know head is just not in the game right now..moodddddd please coming..i need u now! I need to get things done quickly..

1 comment:

  1. insyaallah. the mood will come. sometimes, you dont need the mood to start your working norms. you only need Him. only He can give you such strength and determination. banyakkan betulkan niat for Him okay? insyaallah. all will go well babe, all will go well. :) and if it doesnt, well, i guess He's still saving that first class honour for you :)