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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Saiful Nang Workshop

hari ni sabtu..
saja je join photography workshop with public figure Malaysia, Saiful Nang
first2 segan gak ah..
dah la xde DSLR kan.. 
but I love photography very much..
so pergi jelah,,,
and my senior lend me his DSLR..
so yeah..
this is my first time using DSLR!!!
cool la..
but so many thing to set up..
kalau pakai my digital camera senang je..
but even it is so complicated but the outcome is soooooo satisfying!!

well picture below is one of my favourite shot la...
Saiful Nang.. this is the best picture that I captured I guess... cantik x??? :D

and I love this picture too... :D 

overall mood happy sangat..sebab saiful nang tu mcam sporting giler and open la.. even if I ask him to comment on my picture in my digital camera, he still comment it tau.. x underestimate people pun.. so yeah.. enjoy the day very much.. thanx saiful nang :D really appreciate u're visit to Dublin..

P/S: after that lepak ngan classmates.. azmil dah balik dublin from Malaysia..and Arishah turun Dublin :)) double happy :)

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