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Sunday, 22 April 2012

what did You guys miss?

it's been a while i am not updating my blog..
been busy with stuff.. yeahh..with Dunia
so easy to spell but dont you dare to define.. coz you wont get the exact meaning of it.. 

well what did you guys miss about my life?

i'm currently busy doing my exam's preparation...
exam is coming on sooooonnnnn!!
1 month to go Norm...
:D heee

i already got the prize for my photography competition..
that external hardisk worth rm 400..
okay lah,,, not bad la jugak...

what else should I say?
been dreaming about Malaysia lately...
oh myyyy
June..please come soon...

owh noooo..
exam is in betweennnnnn
nvm norms..
strive ur best..
and insyaAllah success will be all yours...

pray for me dear friends..

p/s: aiming first class honour again :) but this time i want it to be all 4 subjects..aminnnn...
aim for the stars least of you fail you will be among the skies ^_^

so that's all from now

May peace be upon you

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