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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

bad dream

hai blog..
Havent update u for quite long huh?!
Nevermind.. Here i am.. Writing new memory that i dont want to forget :)

Well.. I dont know where to start.. Okay there is this guy in my class that I wellll like/admire ;) lolz ohgg cant believe i write it here =_=" okay thats not my point.. So, last night I dream that my friend was talking to him.. and she called this guy with the name that we(my friends and I) used to mention about him everytime we r in the public (so that people wont know who r we tlking about^_^ another lolz) soo he was quite shock coz that name is actually my teddy bear's name: Alola.. and maybe he is shock bcoz now he knows that that teddybear's name has been given as such just bcoz of him... aaaaaaa(i was very emotional watching that dream during that time).. well now he knows that I admire him from far... damnnn!! And now he knows that I like him.. that dreams he fb inbox me asking me politely to forget him and moving on.. I quite pissed of and embarassed at the same time... And everytime I go to the class I always avoiding him.. And i know he also try avoiding me...

And that sad moment make me sick so i decided to wake up from my sleep...

Sighhh.. Thanx god it was just a dream... I dont know what does the dream means.. Should i just forget about him or just moving on as what he wants me to do???

Well i Think i will just make him an indicator for me to attend classes :)) hahaha...

Well...dear Alola.. Can you be less attractive coz i dont want to fail my iC1 exam!! ;) haha crazyyy!!!

Okay back to reality!! struggle for IC1 norms!! Summer is waiting!!