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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Random act of kindness can be done in the bus as well 😘😘

I was sitting on the upper deck of the bus. Suddenly a man sitting behind me was rushing to get off the bus that he accidentaly dropped her phone on the floor. It disattached into pieces. The back cover had fallen under my seat. I picked it up and called him. "excuse me!" No way. He didnt hear it. Owh no he has gone down. I try to chase her. The bus door was about to close that i shouted "sorry. Ecxuse me!! " . He turned back at me. I handed in his phone back cover. "You dropped this. There you go!" .. He was a bit shocked and suddenly smile at me.. "Thank you very much. You r very nice" . I smile back at him and turn my way back to the empty sit . 

It might just be a back cover for you. But it could be important for that man to protect his phone battery. 


Random act of kindness that I do today. 

1 comment:

  1. I can imagine the situation Normi! :D nice one. keep on helping people (I know you always do :))