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Sunday, 1 May 2011

enjoying the natural beauty..

This is an IB tree!


i love this picture....

it was 7.15 pm....

we were in the jogging track by that time... J

meet out tennis court...wuuu so haunted!

i don't wanna comment this pict.
but i like it J

with model...
looking for the plane to come
hai J

i love this picta....
wuuuuuuu J


These are the panoramic views of kmb…

I just realise that KMB actually is so pretty…

i like this tree.... i just can't stop looking at it now!
this is so classic! i like the angle.. nice job mr.ipod touch :)
it's twilight.... ahhhh so pretty
our basketball court

picture taken : around 6.30 pm - 7.40 pm
camera: iPod touch (LOMO app) ~~~pretty cool huh ;)

bye kmb.. i'll be missing you soon...

hello IB final exam..

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