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Saturday, 14 May 2011

success isn't just a word..

yeah.. it's not just a word people...
it's a jOurney that you don't even know how to put it into words sometimes...
it's about hardwork!

even at this moment i don't even understand what that means..
what i know now is...
success is where you've got what you want.....
n people happy for you..
n your friends also get what they want..
n u will happy for them toooo...

Dear Allah..
this jOurney is for you..
please me pass through this..
you know how hard it is for me to pass this..
dear God..
please give mu success..
let me pass through IB with flying colours so that
i'll make people around me happy...

Dear blog..
i'm happy im doing IB...
i'm happy being here in KMB..
because i have many friends who really care for me..
you know what blog..
they are so kind..we're like big family here..
i'm so in love with them all..
wish us luck for IB...
i really love this journey..
i wish that we will end this sweet..

moments! it just so precious that i can't even replace it with something else...

motivational Quote from my friends...

wan nur fatin

"there's always going to be another mountain and ur always going to want it to move...but it's about how you get through babe. keep the faith babe.. sesungguhnya kerana tuhanmu bersabarlah dan berjuhadlah dengan jihad yang sebenar benarnya"

Afiq Syahmi

"we do our best, God do the rest :) jgn takut, God with us "

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