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Sunday, 8 May 2011

♛ reply from ibu...♛

i text-ed her this morning..

(picture of me=) )
"ibu.... happy mother's day ibu... tq 4 what u've been
put through out my journey until now...juz want to let you know
that you are the 80& contributor of my achievement... well done ibu! :)
i love you! will always do..."

and just now she replied my message..

"Tq.4 being a good daughter..pengorbanan ibu no ending hingga ke hujung
nyawa.. Semoga adik sukses. Love u so much and 4ever. "

what do u aspect from me??
crying?? yes i do :'(
:) n happy tooooo.....
i love her damn much..
Allah..please prolong her life so that she could watch me wearing
a stethoscope infront of her..
treating her..

please guide me to be a good daughter for her..
remind me of her always..
bcoz u know how much i love her so much :)
she's the number one person in heart after you :):)

you're so sweet..
that u make a wonderful person..
that make us feel so empty without this particular person..
u're so nice..
coz u''ve been putting an unexplained feeling in my heart..
which make me feel so happy by seeing her always...
u're so brilliant..
that you show to us..
that u've created a determine and caring person in this world..
you're the most perfect Allah..
the most gracious and the most merciful :)

i love you Allah..
n i love you ibu :)


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