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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Beaumont's life

here I am again.. stuck in my blog..doodling something that I dont have any idea what it is all about..

Beaumont's life is gettin so tiring.. people in the class start to decline.. everyone decided to study by their own instead of being sleepy in the class especially for microbiology lectures . Sigh

Me being me. I'm not the kind of person who can study by own, or else I will wasting my time and stupid thing instead of facing the real book...

I AM TIRED. I DONT WANT TO FAIL MY IC1 exam! pleaseeeeeee Normsss workkkkk hardddddddd!!! <3 p="">
 P/S : I love you! (talking to myself... (who else wanna love me instead of myself right ;) )

okay lahhh,,

I need to make sure I a finish CALPATH soonn! soon Norm! not later ahhh....

till then,, bye folks


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