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Monday, 29 April 2013

hair stands on end

21 more days before the final exams.. I feel so unprepared.. scared to death? absolutely! who dont? Medicine is hard! yesssssss it is! at this moment I feel like giving up.. but deep inside I know that is not the best decision to make.. the fact that how far that I have gone is the one that wake me up from this bad intention! No Norms... dont ever feel that way! you're not  a quitter.. a muslim wont choose giving up as the option.. ingat pesan imam Syafie :"Bila kamu tidak tahan lelahnya belajar, maka kamu akan menanggung peritnya kebodohan"

I know at this moment you will have mixture of feelings when you see your friends lokk so prepared and they know everything, dont be sad Norms.. You still got time.. even what they know can give you knowlege.. in a way you know something that you dont at least :)) soooo just thinking that learning is fun!!

I lovvveeee microbiologyyyyyy! :D

lets finish this strong Normi!!!

there must be a beautiful colorful rainbow after heavy rain:)

till then.
may peace be upon you.

yours sincerely,
Normi Zafirah

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