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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Random act of kindness can be done in the bus as well 😘😘

I was sitting on the upper deck of the bus. Suddenly a man sitting behind me was rushing to get off the bus that he accidentaly dropped her phone on the floor. It disattached into pieces. The back cover had fallen under my seat. I picked it up and called him. "excuse me!" No way. He didnt hear it. Owh no he has gone down. I try to chase her. The bus door was about to close that i shouted "sorry. Ecxuse me!! " . He turned back at me. I handed in his phone back cover. "You dropped this. There you go!" .. He was a bit shocked and suddenly smile at me.. "Thank you very much. You r very nice" . I smile back at him and turn my way back to the empty sit . 

It might just be a back cover for you. But it could be important for that man to protect his phone battery. 


Random act of kindness that I do today. 

Monday, 30 March 2015

weekend well spent

1 hour of sweat. Keep my body glisten sweat in the cold, windy of Irish weather. 
Trying to find my lost soul.
gathered the lost pieces and assembled it 
It is when you are alone that you truly know yourself.

it is when I am all alone by myself 
that I find thoughts.

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.

Faith becomes a bridge between where I am and where I want to go.

Your wing is already there. All you have to do is FLY.
Fly High!

One day at a time. This is good enough. Do not look back & grieve over the past for it is gone.
and do not trouble about the future for it has not yet come.
Live in the present. Make it so Beautiful.
It will be worth remembering.
happiness is a journey.

Yours Sincerely.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Pelajar Perubatan Tahun 4

        Dah harung 4 rotation dah.. tinggal 1 je lagi rotation tinggal before end of year exam. Tahun 4 perubatan memang betul2 mencabar. seniors called it madness! Betul cakap diorang.

       First rotation, Peadiatrics! so much fun :) I love it. semua doctor happy go lucky and friendly. tapiiiiiii interm of workloads of study is too much! dia macam medicine and surgery punya materials tapi untuk kanak2. fiuhh... meleleh air mata study. too much! -fiuhhh baru first rotation babe! Alhamdulillah boleh jawab exam dengan tenang. I got 2 years old cute girl came with a symptoms of polyuria, polydipsia. guess what's the diagnosis??? ---- bingo! Diabetes.

post peads osce exam.
study dalam train on the way ke peripheral hospital.

Library-bound *im a nerd medical student. I know that*

Practice OSCE with my girls.

       Second rotation, Obstetric&gynaecology! everything is new! new term. new worlds. doctors pun mcm tak friendly. working in hormone-environment la katakan. it was a tiring rotation. kena datang hospital pukul 8 am balik pukul 5 petang.. straight everyday! dengan 10 case uploads nya.. kena clerk patients everyday. kalau datang lambat nanti dah ada orang clerk patient tu.. Being a patient kan, ko dah tak sihat. mesti lah ko tak nak jumpa orang ramai sangat. tambah2 medical students mcam kitorg ni :O ectopic pregnancy case! memang sangat susah nak dapat. kalau nak clerk pun tak sampai hati sebab patient tengah sedih. Alhamdulillah hari tu jumpa sorg asian's patient. well..being asians kan.. walaupun kita lain negara tapi kita tetap satu rumpun yang sama ;) gittewww.. patient ni baik lah.. dia bagi aku cakap dengan dia.. :) well.. ectopic case. ticked!  Apart from that, i think I have started to like obs&gynae dekat2 hujung rotation. realising that I have got the oppurtunity to learn from the first class Obs&Gynae consultant. Prof Malone is one of the best consultant in the world. How cool is that!. tapi.. being a hormone-related consultant, tegas gila weyhhhh... But he is a really good teacher! really good! His knowledge is based on his experience! bayangkan kalau korang nak dia jadi doctor and sambut baby korang. registration fees pun dah 4500 €. baru registration weyh!!! *jauh tersimpang ni* . anywho. nak citer lagi ni.. aku suka bedside teaching obs&gynae. sebab doctors treat us like a doctor. macam registrar to be honest. they aspected us to know all the manegement as in we are going to manage the patients now if the doctors asked us to do so.! wah gituuuu!.. best2.. it actually trained us to think like a real doctor. not to think like a medical student. semua benda x tahu  *ketuk kepala sendiri*  . Exam time! jangan cakap lah.. memang menangis+ meraung + mnjerit... tak puas stress sorang2 call member nangis sesama.. sampai housemates ketuk pintu tanya okay tak! ;) hahaha stresss weyhhh! too many things to study yet so little time!. Alhamdulillah I surviveddd!!! 
obs&gynae as my career? nayyyyyy.  too much hormone.

while waiting for lecture.

dapat tengok IVF procedure being done

Baru nak pergi clerk patient

After clerk patients . 

Tengah tunggu orang nak bersalin. patient tengok kita. Kita tengok CTG ( baby heart rate monitor)

Last day in Rotunda Hospital

Lepas exam. thanx Rotunda for the Good experience

waiting for this baby to be delivered 7 am- 10 pm. Ingat senang nak beranak??

-----> balik Malaysia for winter break. recharge my homesickness. and get ready for the next hell rotations!

Third rotation, Medicine and surgery!
       being the only one malaysian yang tercampak sorang2 dekat Galway. 3 jam by train from Dublin. Medical student yang lain semua dari Canada & US. Stressss gila. sebab almost sebulan tak cakap bahasa melayu. cakap dalam hati je :'( *sounds funny tapi tak kelakar okay* first week dekat Galway dah stress. Nasib baik ada Malaysians yang study dekt Galway ni. weekend boleh lepak rumah diorang. Nasib baik ada Yanti. dialah pendengar setia how stress it is to be the only one Malaysian in the group. Pfft.. Nasib baik kakak usrah yanti bagi tahu ada sorang doctor Malaysia dekat Galway clinic. So, aku apa lagi. contact doctor tu cakap la yang aku sorang je malaysian dekat sini. boleh tak nak attach dengan dia. Alhamdulillah Allah permudahkan segalanya. dapat jumpa doctor tu and practice history taking & examinations dengan dia. Dia bawak pergi jumpa patients yang ada positive finding. Overall, at the end i'm kinda like this rotation. I like being in Galway Clinic. Gotta scrub in for surgery. Dapat pegang intestine (usus) by own hand!! how cool was that :) lepas tu Galway clinic ni famous dengan Urologist team. Gotta witness few Robotic prostectomy procedures! Met world class Urologist consultant! *hebatnya diorang ni* Overall I enjoyed everything about medicine&surgery. 
Exams? - disebabkan dah pernah buat med&surg time 3rd year. so tak delah stress sangat. Alhamdulillah everything went well. 
surgery as my career? -nayyy.. tak larat diri lama2!
medicine as career? yezza! i like medicine! - lupa nak cakap, dekat Galway clinic ni lah aku tahu mcm mana nak differentiate murmur! I love murmur!!

Ready for Galway.

Private Hospital. haruslah Grand kan.

Nasib baik lahh ada Yanti. pendengar setia ..

Orang Perak di Galway.

Get ready for surgery

Sunshine after hailing

Senjata med&surg!

4th rotation, General Practice!
People said this is the rotation you can sit back , relax and enjoy the ride. Thats what im doing now. goyang kaki, tidor and makan :) *pergi clinic of course*. kena pergi Kilkenny for first GP clinic. people there is so friendly. GP pun baik je. tak pernah marah. kat sini lah first time amik darah dari patient. doktor siap tinggalkan aku sorang2 dalam bilik dengan patient, lepas tu suruh amik darah.? whatttt?????? makcik tu siap tanya lagi "You must have withdrawn so much blood that u're no longer afraid to do it" ... errr makcik.. makcik la first patient ever in my whole life!! tapi gilo nak cakap dekt mak cik tu yang dia adalah orang yang pertama.. I kelentong sikit la... " well, when you've done it so many u dont feel awkward or scared anymore" *with a big fake smile I suppose* dalam hati rasanya dah 10x baca bismillah. sorry makcik. 

My GP (top right) dengan nurses 

alang2 clinic dekat dengan tourist attractions  kita jadi pelancong la :)

GP punya clinic betul2 depan Kilkenny castle 

second GP rotation dekat Dublin je.
Sangat best. suami isteri GP. dua2 baik.. and selalu bagi peluang untuk aku clerk patients by my own. Selalu puji yang aku ni excellent student. dia cakap selalu student yang datang x banyak knowledge. Aku ni tahu semua benda and very helpful. memudahkan kerja dia. *kembang hidung I* lepas tu hari tu ada sorang makcik ni datang complaining of dizzy spell (pening dan rasa persekitaran dia berputar), an episode of transient blindness (kabur pandangan sekejap?) .. kitorang buat ECG ada inferior MI. bila GP examine dia (dengar paru2 and heart), lepas tu tetiba GP cakap dekat patient boleh tak dia nak aku dengar jugak. Aku apa lagi, put on the stethoscope dengar paru2 makcik ni, report balik Kat GP " vesicular breathsound present throughout, but there are bilateral creps heards on base of the lung" ..lepas tu GP cakap "Yup, I agree with you. Do you want to listen to her heart?" 
aku "Yup, sure".. lepas tu dengar lahh makcik tu punya jantung... lup.shh..dup.. lup..shh..dup! tapi very suttle la bunyi dia.! oh noo! betul ke aku dengar ni?? okay Normi.. ko kena rasa pulse makcik ni. nak tahu dia systolic ke diastolic. okay systolic!. lepastu GP tanya " what do you hear?"  weyhhhh cuaknyaaa nak report balik.. " errr first heart sound and 2nd heart sound are present, but I err heard a very suttle, soft sytolic murmur loudest on aortic area"  --cuakkkk giler.. betul ke ni? ke bunyi tu sebab makcik tu bernafas..... then GP cakap "what murmur? systolic or diastolic?"  me: " systolic".. betul ke tak ni??   lepas tu GP cakap " Yess, I agree with you. it is a systolic murmur. good job" .. fiuhhh.. 
Lepas tu GP tu cakap dekat isteri dia " we both hear a very soft systolic murmur on her, I am going to refer her to radiology department for chest xray"  .. pastu GP perempuan tu cakap dekat patient sambil jari telunjuk tunjuk dekat aku " She is a very excellent student. we can tell. we knew whether a student is an excellent student in the first 24hours they came in our clinic" *kembang lagi aku.. tapi senyum jelahh..* alhamdulillah. good experience in GP rotation. 2 more week to go before this rotation ended. by right I supposed to finish my portfolio. tapi smpai sekarang tak bergerak.

sniff sniff.. patient jus give me a cold! 

my lunch!

Got a room for myself. 

So far, I enjoyed my 4 rotations. one more to go before the real hell coming. end of year exam! you better be good. Doakan aku dan kawan2 kuat dan cekal dalam menghadapi tahun 4 ini. Doakan kitorang lulus dengan cemerlang dan boleh ke final year next year :)  

May peace be upon You