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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Carmelo pudding

this the second tyme i made the caramel pudding..
seriously, im the type of person who really dont like to show my talent in front of people including my family..
so, i made it when i was alone at home where everybody been busy with their business..

but during the making of this pudding my dad comes back home..and by that tyme i was making a burning sugar...haha totally BURNT!!...i ruined my mOm's pot...
but the i tried again.and it turns out to be so AWESOME!!!
DELICIOUS bebeh!!! ;)
my mom
said it is better then the first tyme i made the pudding..when it was eyh...last december i guess:)


  1. nak ajar;) boleh je..ajar kite bwt cupcake :)