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Friday, 24 December 2010

life is so complicated..
have you ever feel like you do not know who control's either purposely or unpurposely...
that's how i feel now...i feel like my soul is not in my body...
i'm too lazy to do my IB work, even i know that it is very important 4 my future..
IB coursework will determine either i'm going to fly or not...
i'm so afraid i dont get the opportunity to study abroad in ireland..bcoz everybody put high hope on me..
sometime i feel like it is so burden to me when i know that i will not succeed if i dont do my assignment..
i really dont understand myself..
i know that i really have to struggle in IB bcoz it is like the last checkpoint which decide i will fly or not...
i want to fly!~~~~
i really want to.


  1. dr normi..
    i am in the same boat with u. yes its undeniable there are not much time left yet still not getting the SEMANGAT!! inshaAllah remeber Him and He will always be with us. aminn.. Chayok2..

  2. normi mesti ko boley buat punyer!
    ireland is waiting for you!

  3. thanx taufik and sadiq f ur suport :)
    i really need that support now :)