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Saturday, 11 December 2010

rOjak maNjung :D

picture: google
today i went to the wedding ceremOny...after that we decided to go for window shOpping...then i said to my mom that it has been such a long tyme i am not eating ROJAK MANJUNG (picture above)..oh my god it taste awesOme and marvelOus babeh;) hehe... we go to rojak manjung restaurant today..oh my delicIoUs..even my stoMach is actualy already full bcoz of the nasik minyak from the wedding hOuse..never mind..i wanna eat a lot of this rojak manjung!!! waaaaaa temptation!!!!

erggggghhhhhhhhh (stomach super full)

ok...seems i feel guilty to my stomach (taKot bUncit)... so i go jOgging for 1 and half rOund