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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

my 2010 facebook status :)

My Year in Status

0. You think I\'m nice, [ LIKE ] this status. If you love me, put a [ ♥ ]. If I\'m a good friend, put a [ :) ]. If I\'m your best friend put a [:D ]. If you ever had a crush on me , put a [XD ] ...If you don\'t like me, put a [ :( ]. If you hate me, put a [ x( ]. And if you are brave enough, post this as your status

1. ...

2. Wan Nur Fatin....see yOu in the cOurt!!

3. i\'m dead!

4. ayuh..!

5. currently done 1023 words...go normi!

6. credit to Mr. Amir Fazwan Osman kerana sudi membantu diri ini mncari balik document autosaved yang hilang tiba2...the moral of the story,,,,jgn lupa save bila bwat tok essay..dah tau benda to extremely important!!! ^-^\" get back to that essay!!! ok...i\'m so loser today :(

7. Wan Nur Fatin ... do u know hOw much i lOve u <3>

8. Rahil Yusri Tengku Syahrul Nashrin ..ayuh burning the midnight oil..finishing or starting our final draft theory of knowledge essay...ok go!

9. All medic students who have not yet immunized against Hepatitis need to get your immunization. The immunization consisted of 3 shots, taken over a period of time. I think it is a good idea to take the first one during your school break. (from:yahoogroup email) Yanti Ahmad Basirruddin Zatil Syazwina Wan Nur Fatin Nor Adliyana Adnan

10. ok..get back to assignment nOw please!

11. sebelum tido..gosok gigi jap..tetiba sendawa nasi gOreng USA..nyam2x sedap ooO..tetiba teringat...kalau korg sendawa kuey tiaw kong fu (Normi Zarifah ,Aam Lola Adham Peng Khusyairi ) mcam mane la rasenyer yer;) eeeeeyUuuhh..cnfirm rasa hanyir tu! weik.!

12. Wan Nur Fatin ...i wish that ur \"iphOne\" will bUy sOuvenir froM UK for me :(

13. ...

14. Farah Hayati ...kiter nk kluar ni kena bwak budak sekolah ke (Aam Lola ) ?? ;) budak sekOlah bukan kena duduk rumah prpare nk spm ke?? :P

15. wAke up aNd smeLL the coFfee <3

16. if yOu obey all the rules..u will miss all the fun... i dont wanna miss the fun! <3

17. <3

18. Rahil Yusri Nor Adliyana Adnan Zatil Syazwina Tengku Syahrul Nashrin Yanti Ahmad Basirruddin we are now Sem 3 IB survivors!~ :) <3

19. Zatil Syazwina... buat pengetahuan anda sejak semalam telefon kiter tidak berhenti berbunyi org offer nk amik balik esok :) hehe...pagi ni plak kakk kiter offer lagi nk amik... tp x pe...! demi Zatil Syazwina kiter reject semua invitation tu..yeah...naik bus bru dramatis skit kan .... <3

20. This is a tough game. There are times when you\'ve got to play hurt, when you\'ve got to block out the pain. Shaquille O\'Neal

21. I tried lots of time...Calling to you...texting you...but yOu never picks up..then i realized how far we have separated between each other...You disappear from our life in the blink of eyes...but i just want you to know how much i miss you...hOpe u are happy there and stay among people who always been blessed by ALLAH..AMIN! PS: I miss yOu my friend :\'D <3

22. (¯´\'·.¸(❤)¸.·\'´¯)*•♥>>>>>>exam mood!

23. exam mode!

24. tidur..bila bangun ada kat rumah...tak percaya...then try bangun betul2..memang ada kt rumah..sah! tapi tetiba betul2 bangun nmpak meja study...:\'( arghhh KMB! nak balik.............

25. :\'(

26. the wedding ceremony was splendid :)

27. selamat pengantin baru Normi Zulfa Mohd Isha....:D

28. Salwa Abu Bakar... i\'m currently in love with carta hati :)) <3

29. lorong midaaqqqqq....Sagaaaa..u screwed me up!! sigh ^-^\'\'

30. Sorry for the hiatus ^-^\"

31. temptation!!

32. first time datang lambat to class ^_,_^\" what a day!

33. I just need a space now...! please understand that ..

34. ....

35. what a hectic week -__-\"...congratz to myself as I would be able to pass the challenge with flying colours!! as a reward for myself i\'m gOing oUt tomorrow n have with my friends!! :DD

36. aksi pkul 12 am yg melawakkan.... Noor Hanisah & Rahil Yusri ...hahaha... we did a great jOb la...hahaha lawak giler

37. You realise that you are an IB student when you are taking yOur sleep at 5.00 am... tok presentation??been there..done that! :D what a relief

38. life is the climb,,,but the view is great!

39. what is inside my mind right now : tok presentation, math handout, math portfolio, tok essay, IOC, IOP...econs commentary...what a day! -__-\"

40. \"Between you and every goal that you wish to achieve, there is a series of obstacles, and the bigger the goal, the bigger the obstacles. Your decision to be, have and do something out of the ordinary entails facing difficulties and challenges that are out of the ordinary as well. Sometimes your greatest asset is simply your ability to stay with it longer than anyone else.\"~ Brian Tracy

41. If and oNly if.....

42. hey Mr.IB..yOu know matter hOw hard it is to \"pass\" yOu..just nOtice that i will never ever give up!! Im gonna be strong and strong till the day ended! jUst nOtice that..... :D

43. what a relief!! irish stew and boxty were superb :)

44. irish food competition..wish me luck!

45. irish stew is ready to be tasted tomorrow :D well done Rahil Yusri Nur Syuhada Mustofa Naqjwa Naq Nadiah Bajunid Nur Insyirah Hanafi...we did a great job!! jUs kambing :P

46. get ready to face the challenge this week..ok go!

47. zzZzzzZ

48. 10.10.10 doesnt mean a lUcky day though... takziah kepada keluarga mangsa kemalngan di lebuh raya KM224...kepada kita yg masih hidup ni sedarlah...masa kita akan tiba prepared!

49. economic test tomorrow!! but to make it less pressure we call it mental exercises :)

50. study mode :))

51. when u goT stuck here in tHis prison of hell.. there are things call friends come and support + motivate U so that u wont feel down..Thanx Norain Ishak and Min Chemist 4 ur suppOrt..I really need that at this moment:)

52. intrOducing me !

53. Dear Imran Wafi...Happy birthday :D May ALLAH always bless you ♥ love and miss you!!!

54. been busy!

55. home is where my heart belongs to... :)

56. working on with my Extended Essay....Vitamin C in chillies....n plus..looking forward for tomorrow...hOme sweet hOme :D

57. looking forward for WEDNESDAY!!! cant wait :)

58. “Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.” ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger ~

59. Dear Yanti Ahmad Basirruddin..thanx 4 the cupcake:)) sangat sedap...seriOus sedap!! to P.cik Basirruddin dan mak cik Norizan Bashar terima kasih 4 duit raya :)

60. bye2 hOme sweet hOme!

61. tragedi hari ini....sakit gigi+ nmpak ular+ tersepak gergaji+ rasa mcm ade org nk pecah masuk rumah (bUnyi air terbukak kt luar rumah) aiyooo scary semUanya...

62. thanks to Zawa Zawahir and Nur Atiqah kerana suDi datanG beraya di rumah :) sorry kalau ade terkurang apa eyh... kepada rakan2 lain jemput la datang ke rumah...:D

63. .....

64. Rendang rendang yang sOdap!!

65. Malacca here i come!!! balikkk kamPoNg!

66. dikala kita gembira...ingatlah bahwa ada orang lain yang berduka...

67. “A house is made of walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams.” -anonymous-

68. Ramadhan terakhir di KMB... mungkinkah raya terakhir di Malaysia?? :(

69. puas duduk rumah :) looking forward for the next friday!

70. If I were asked to name the chief benefit of the house, I should say: the house shelters day-dreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace. ~Gaston Bachelard~ hOme sweet home!!! i\'m coming :D

71. love needs no it can find it\'s way blindfolded :)

72. When the day come..u cant avoid it! U dönt hve to wait but just prepare 4 dat..dats the end of ur day!

73. missing hOme!

74. a visit to national library was splendid:D buku yang meninggi di atas troli semuanya buku kami :D Rahil

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