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Sunday, 6 March 2011

sunday time

what a tiring day..
went to SOGO to buy my interview suit...
ahaha something funny happened
kereta abg wan (my bro in law) hilang....
cuak die bila cari kereta x jumpa..
tup tup silap basement..
seriusly i was shocked by that tyme..
cmner nk blik kmb mcm nie...

last2 jumpa jgak..
happy la my sis ngan my bro selepas kereta mereka di jumpa kembali...

the moral of the story: don forget to perform your zohor prayer even u've been busy with your shopping list :D ahaha

message from my heart: please study normi! you know know that u havent push it to the limit, what r u waiting for...dont regret it if it has comed to an end...!

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