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Saturday, 23 May 2009


am i a gOod listener???!!
dOnt thInk sO..bUt sOmetimes feel sO..!
listen to someone's pRoblem seems like learning to be grateful..learning to solve the prOblem..
n also learning to aVoid the prOblem so that it will nOt coming to you xD haha...
hehe nO la..
i dont mind being a good listener!!seriOus..
i was also did this part time jOb dUring my leisure time!!haha..
especially in hostel la of cOurse...
im prOud to be a gOOd listner to someOne..
it sHows tHat there is/are trust in her/his/their heart on me=)
tHat is what i want..
i dont want to be the apple of the eyes to them..
if im appreciated by them is an extra for me then...haha
to whOm that may cOncern( the person wHo alwayz sHare tHeir pRoblemo wiTh me..)
tHanx 4 cHoosing me as yOur friend-to share yOur problem with or yOur problem sOlver ..
fOr me...
that is whAt friends are...

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