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Sunday, 24 May 2009

sTory frOm fArOuq tO me

this sTory was written by Mr.Farouq Redza Iskandar a.k.a my classmate...dUring SPM preparation.. i reQuested hiM to write a sTory aBout me..bUt he made tHis stOry..oK la..reAlly appreCiate it fArouq!!

It was the last day of school. In all of 11 years I had been a student, I traversed through sad, happy moments, made new friends, lose friends, and that day was the finale. The last paper was physic, it was ok. Suddenly, I felt sad. As I packed my stuff, I had found several times that made me looked back through time. My cubemate tapped my shoulder. We hugged and she left. The world seemed gloomy all of a sudden.
As time slowly trodden past, the dormitory got more quiet and more quiet. Silence fell. I was alone, still packing. The sound of the fan filled each seconds, devouring my insanity along its path. I just want to get back home, safe in my room. Huhh…..
“Normi, could u please help me carry my books?”

I jumped at the instance. I looked back n saw Izzah standing there.
“wOw, you surprised me Izzah!”, said I.
She smiled. Though it wasn’t an hOnest one. She seemed weird in a way, bUt that is Izzah. The weird girl of 512. I followed her to her cube. On the way there, she said she wanted to go to the bathroom to wash her face. So, I continued on alone. I marched slowly passed empty cubicles and empty lockers. Izzah’s cube was at the far end of the wing. Very secluded even in school period. As I came closer, I could hear something soft. A cry, so faint that it was overwhelmed even in the gravelling silence. All of a sudden, my hair started to stand on end. The cry…got louder and louder.. and louder… And louder..
I stood in front of Izzah’s cube. My body felt numb. My eyes caught on something, EVIL. There…..there was….a girl…sitting on Izzah’s bed. She was….hOlding…her..head… Then she looked at me. Her cheeks curled as she smiled. ‘It’ started to laugh… Louder… I stumbled back, slowly. But.. My back touched something. I looked back. My dear friend Izzah.. Now with no hands and no feets..jUst her head and her exposed bloody heart… As my world became darker and darker, I heard it whispered,

“Don’t go back, NorMi!!!stAy with us..we’ll be friends…FOREVER!”

By: fArouq

To: Normi

P.S. mane tau..kalo jadi betol2 ke?hahaha
kureng pNya fArouq!!!bUt lucky me.mY parents came b4 i finishe my lasrt paper..n i was not stAy alOne in the hOstel bY that time=)


  1. wahahaha.. aku rindu giler 512!! reunion 2018!!! kat taiping..jubli emas!!