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Sunday, 17 May 2009

tagged by aween

tagged by aween
5 things in my bag;
-kain lap spect! xD
5 things in my wallet:
-my i.c
-my licence.
-my CIMB card. :)
-resit. haha.
5 favourite things in my bedroom:
-pillow--pillow,,pillow :D
-selimut bUsuk.
- tOto yg cHantik
-kOmputer yang dah jahanam
5 things I wish to do :
-drive soRang2. :)
-study abroad~UK.
-bEing a doctor
-ader boyfriends.(u wish..haha)
-have monkey.
5 things I’m doing now :
- sitting on the bed! :)
-online.-bce blog rakan.rakan.
-jaga niece(baby lina).
-ym bersama rkan2. :)
5 people I would like to tag:


  1. tag ni da wat la dear..

    ad entry yg lps2 kat my blig

    btw, thnx lot!


  2. da pnh bwt da
    nway, thanx

  3. eh..
    ain pune kena tagged ga..
    ain buat yer