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Friday, 8 May 2009

mAkhluk tuhan pAling hAlus...

haha its qUite fuNny wHen i jusT flash back what have dOne jUst nOw...hahaha...
mY sister(angah) actually has 'siang ikan'...after that she just put the fish in a pink bowl n placed it in the sink because she wanted to watch the tv...after that when she came back to the kitchen she realised that the fish has gOne xD..sO she started cuRious about it...dahla lately memg cam ader crita2 pasl makhluk tuHan paling halus nie(haNtu la)..cOz my mOther had met this lembaga in meeting rOom that is jUz near by mY hOuse..(my house is very near with my mOm's office a.k.a. sekangkang kera je) my aNgah which newly back hOme,sHe's quite scared aBout thIs creAtures..sO one night wHen i wanted to change my sleep position i felt that somebOdy has slept besides me..OMG..bY that time i feel like i want to scream n reciting yassin perhaps it will be just a dream..but i dOnt really memOrise the surah...haha..sO i took my cOurage to touch the bLanket...hahaha its my sister then..
back to the real story..whEn the fish lost,she thought it was stole by gHost...ala makhluk tuhan paling hAlus tu la...sO she started to babbling talk in a pale look..i asked her what happen..then she told me everything while she oppened all the rooms perhaps the fish will be there...hahaha..its really funny then...sO i took my courage to open the freeze..hahah its there la ANGAH..tula percaya benda2 taHyul mcam tu lagi...aiYoo aper daa..

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