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Thursday, 3 February 2011

My 17 minutes survey ;)P

this whole words from th survy has been plagarised from Yanti HAJI ahmad Basirruddin...

Actually x pernah buat tag ni. Tapi takpe... hee :) Thanks to Yanti kerana tagged ye :)

Instruction: Once you are tagged, answer all the questions honestly. No lying or cheating.

Starting time: 10.02 am

Name: Normi Zafirah Bt Mohd Isha
Brother(s): no brother....
Eye colour: ntah..x tau... (black? dark brown??) seriOusly x tau...i'll check it later...
Shoe size: Ohooo, SIX ! perhaps FIVE ! haha !
Hair: sebok nak tau ! (BOTAK kot ;)
Piercings: ears !
Height: 156 cm
What am I wearing right now: turQoise tshirt, lagging
Where do you live: TelOk intan tarak sOmbong... :)
Favourite number: SIX !
Favourite drink: fresh orange...
Favourite month: Disember (cuti weyhhhh :) )
Favourite breakfast: kerOpok lekor kiosk + chicken finger.. :)

Have I ever -

1. Broken a bone – ouh hell no !
2. Been in a police car – no (I wish to )
3. Fallen for a friend – Maybe ;)
4. Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time – aLways :D ahaha
5. Swam in the ocean – of coUrse la weyh....
6. Fallen asleep in school – never ever...i am a good girl I am ;)P
7. Broken someone's heart – maybe...sorry if i really did :(
8. Cried when someone died – yup .
9. Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call – eyyyUUUhh that is so not me...
10. Saved e-mails – always..
11. Been cheated on – somtimes..but i always the one who cheat my friends..and sometimes they believe it...but when they knew it..we were just laughing together :D i love my friends :))

What -

1. Does your room look like: full with my sistrs and mom's stuffs...aiyooo banyak bTol baju diorg...smpai bilik I pulak jadi stor... !
2. Is right beside you: TV, my bro in sister's phOne...
3. Is the last thing you ate: pRingles original...

Ever had -

1. Chicken pox: yes yes
2. Sore throat: yes yes (currently having it :( )
3. Stitches: nop.. i hope not..
4. Broken nose: hahaha..this is my original nOs bebeh ;)

Do you -

1. Believe in love at the first sight: no idea..
2. Like picnics: of cOurse...

Who -

1. Did you last yell at – ahahah my irpm8 (amir izwan)... i always yell at him...
2. Was the last person you danced with – (ntah x ingat ramai sangat)...gilo ape nak dance. haha
3. Last made you smile – parents, friends...families...

Final Questions

1. What are you listening to right now – Tv's sounds
2. What did you do today – waking up 6.00 am..went to th fridge and take some coughing medicine and sleep back...and wake up again...went to the aquarium and watch the fishes in it..ohhhh hOm sweet hOme :)
3. Are you the oldest – si bongsu manjeee??? :) biasa jer...
4. Indoors or outdoors – both

Today did you -

1. talk to someone you like – ouh yeah (families )
2. Kiss anyone – nope.
3. Sing – not yet :) ahahah
4. Talk to an ex – dont have any
5. Miss someone – hell no ;)

6. Eat – of course lah weyh !

Last person who -

1. You talked on the phone – my sis
2. Made you cry – me myself and I
3. Went to the movies with – my sisters and bro in law
4. Went to the malls with – friends...
5. Cheered you up – Family, friends

Have you -

1. Been to Mexico – no
2. Been to USA – no


1. Have a crush on someone – huh?
2. Books that you're reading – tOK book..
3. Best feeling in the world – happy..delight...peace..calm..
4. Future kids names – ape ni ?
5. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal – dolphin :D lina punya...
6. What's under your bed – Sarawak mats...blum bukak lagi...haish...dh jadi store la katakan...
7. Favourite sports – badminton & ping pong...
8. Favourite places – my hOuse...
9. Who do you really hate – it's not good to hate people. who are we to judge them ? (sokong yanti)
10. Do you have a job - fulltime medic student :) !!! yeah
11. What time is it now – 10.19 am

With however long you took, post as "My __ Minutes Survey" and tag 15 people.

Yanti ;) ahahah...(x wajib, sebab dh buat kan;))
saper lagi...xtau la..
saper nak buat, buat la yer :)