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Friday, 18 February 2011

no need to repeat!

no need to repeat the tok presentation...
what a relief...
can't figure out how my weekend looks like if my group have to repeat our presentation...
after all we've been face,repeating tok presentatiion will be a huge burden to our life! SERIOUSLY!
when we have been chosen to be the first group to present the task..
i was like... oh my god! i'm going to die..
hard will not be here this x kan la aku ngan Izani je nk discuss!!!
ahhhh x nak repeat!...
so, we decided to meet our tok teacher, miss tik to ask whether she can postpone it on the next period..
when we went to her table, she was talking to her EE's by that time i really can't hold my i went to the toilet for a while..
by the time i exit the toilet izani and hard were waiting for me in front of the toilet...
Hard said that we have to that on Monday..
and our mark is very low..
i was like...crap!!
then i started to make a plan and asked Hard to bring her laptop even she wants to go to Daurah(Islamic activity)...
then she said..
normi..kiter x yah repeat!!! teacher cakap group kiter x yah repeat!!!
the picture above is the three of us!
excluded fred and nad tu ;)

izani, hard and me!
serendipity club..
after many thing we did together...
name it!!
group to project..that turns into a huge success!
tok presentation also turn to a huge success!!
so now only two group in my class dont have to repeat..the others..good luck la yer :)

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