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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

token again..

first and foremost...Alhamdulillah kerana Allah masih mengurniakan nikmat keatas hambanya yang hina dan lemah ini...
so..what happen today???
there was assembly in the hall just now...
it was mainly for the students who got the honour roll..
for people like me.."non-honoured".. i just stay on the chair and staring to those who were lining up to get their certificate given by MARA director..
i was doing my chemistry set question paper and listening to the music during that time...
after finish answering all question i still put the earphones in my ears sambil gosip-ing with my classmates.....(yer..kami memang suka x dengar orang membebel kat depan)
the MC was announcing the three highest achiever for Mathematics Higher Level..
i was will always belong to the chinese when it comes to math...
after that, the MC was announcing the three highest achiever for Math standard level pulak...
i still in my world layan-ing my mp3..
the second runner up for Mathematics Standard Level is belong to..

oOoo...(stop my mp3+trying to pull the earphones from my ears+oh gosh it stucks in my clothes.+ooooO+walk in front+ climbing up the stairs+ nak bow ke x nie? bow jela...+ i heard thy laughing*might be because i bow like a japanese..bahahaha+ take the token..and the director was making a joke that me laugh a bit..shakes hand with Pn.Noraini+ turun tangga+ FIUUHHHHH)
that's the story...
really unexpect to get the token of appreciation..
glad to have the big round applause from the cloud (seems i'm the only one Malay who got the math's award)
after the ceremony, my friends and I went to the food i treated them roti tlur + roti planta by using my money that I got...

the clumsy mp3 + the token
mode: glad + happy

p/s : what ever things good that you got, it will always not be your own also belongs to your friends..I am glad I have friends around me...Sharing is Caring...
so, what next???
focus on IB!!
RCSI interview!!
then you can savely go to IRELAND..


  1. Ko mmg terer maths. Itu sbbnya aku blaja addmaths dari ko. U deserve it. patutnya ko amik pure maths. Bukan medic. ahaks~