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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

now you're gone...

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal

the moment with him... left us..
but your joke remains..
 you sometimes scared me.. (i told you about that n you smile)
you always have tips almost about everything in between your lesson...
i miss you..
i miss time you scold us..
you called us STUPID! when we can't even remember the previous lesson u just taught..

you scolded me when i answered question which was not what you want..
you said.. "you better don't talk or else i'll put cork in your mouth..."
or sometimes you said...
"i still bring masking tape in my better watch out.."

and sometimes you're mocking me sir... 
n sometimes my tears come streaming down my face..
i just don't mind sir.. 
because you are my teacher..

and all of that have been an issue to all of us..
we always use ur words to somehow assimilate it in our conversation..
i found that very interesting ;) and funny to.... heee.. ( i told you about this right sir?? n u smile)...

i still remember our conversation during last irp..
u asked fareed who gave you the teacher's day card without writing the name..
it was me sir.. i was so scared to reveal it to you..
at last i managed to reveal it to you kan sir...
you smile at me..
n we did had a looonnnngggg conversation..
we talked almost about every thing..
about your dog bite you..
about your future planning after retiring...
you said that you wanna be a tuisyen teacher around taman tun.. because the earn is quite big ;) haha.. (you deserve it sir, u're good teacher)
you did advise us abOut our future as a doctor...
oh sir.. you are such a good adviser... 
owh.. you did tell us about your health condition...

ahhhh. i can't stop reminisce my past with you sir...
i'm so appreciating time with you so much....

you did tell me that among all classes you taught, yOu love our class the most...
n somehOw i doUbt that..because u seems didn't like our class, with all your "scolding"..heee..
but i know deep down in your heart.. you did love us!!! heeee...
we know you like US very much..

you always called hard "orang gila dekat bus stop"..itu lawak sir...ahahah
you always bullied shasha n you make her cry.. the next day you said sorry to her and making a cute smile to her...ahaha that was also funny sir...

you said insyi is a SHITTY girl instead of city girl to jaga hati ami ;) heee...

ahhh sir.. i miss your sandiwara..
god loves you more...
i hope you will remain up there in peace..

we might have difference religions and races..
but there in KMB we are like one..

oh Allah.. he's a good person..
he might not be a muslim.. but he taught muslims how to be good men..
can you lessen your punishment to him?? 
we love him so much Allah..
he likes father, teacher, friend...
he's everything to us..

Mr. Guna.. 
May you rest in peace...

this was what he did to make us understand what he taught...
the love-shaped heart

you're gone.. but you left us your soul..
 i won't forget you sir..


  1. sir, may ur soul rest in peace~~

  2. well said normi..
    may his soul rest in peace..