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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

the pictures i'll return to one day...

this is the place where i spent most of my time in KMB...
the place that my friends call my number one room..
well my real room at the hostel is only the hotel room which i usually only sleep and change clothes ;)

the place is the Learning Resource Centre (LRC)
or commonly called the library... 

oh my..
i'll never forget this moment..

wan nur fatin-izani-azmil-fred-afiq
we always study together :)
that table is unofficially ours :))

 this is on Saturday morning...
around 10.00 am.. i always come early to LRC...

seee...there isn't anybody yet.. 
i told you i came early to lrc ;)

last but not least..

we called ourselves the LRC's club ;) heeee...

may our dreams come true friends...
IB point is very much important to us at this moment...
May success with us..
35 and above is our target!

p/s : i miss my friends....

credit to: wan nur fatin's lomo lomo.. 
her ipod touch with lomo app in it has never dissapointing us at this moment..
those pictures are so pretty :))


  1. normi!! ak pun slalu join kott haha

  2. taufik : yeke ko jOin? xde bukti pun..hehe.. yela yela..ko pun selaloo jOin jugak.. rindu kan moment study kt lrc..smbil chit chat :D ahaha

    yazlie : memang rajin pun