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Saturday, 11 June 2011

pet peeve vegi...

hello there..
today i'm gOing to write about how am i overcoming one pf my pet peeve :)

honestly i hate vegetables...
i don't like to eat them..
exception only to burger or salad :))

since i really needs vegetables to get high fibre for my alimentary canal..

i prefer thisss....
dried guava ..
it contain high fibre n vitamin C tu..
thus, it will help me to go to toilet more often :) hehe...
no need vegi anymore ;)
guna guava pun bOleh...
terima kasih mr.guava :)
sekarang saya boleh ke tandas dengan selesa ....

p/s: do try this friend..once you eat, after few hour you will feel like toilet is calling you urgent-ly

1 comment:

  1. normi,nak tanya sket.kt mna nk bli gula2 guava ni ye??hehe