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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

being prison-ing bAck
here i am...
coming back to kmb...
it's final sem babeh~~
only 4 month till the final IB exam.. many things will have to get done before we can call it a day...

here i am...
coming back to kmb..
with the unfinished assignment...
what happen to me..?
i'm lazy but freaking out when thinking abOut the assignment...
i have to get up!
what happen in the past stay in the past!!
come on..
new resolution!!!

Produce this things with QUALITY! ;
THEORY OF KNOWLEDGE... cincai kira huh tyme buat benda penting nie!

currently missing the two little prince and princess

me~lina NaQibah

Lina NaQibah~ ahmaD iMran WaFi

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