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Tuesday, 18 January 2011


1) T T : would like to ask you about why you want to be a doctor, but before that where are you come from?

me: I’m coming from perak…bla2 bla…

2) T : So everybody in here staying in the college??

me : Ya2…we live in the hostel..

3) T : mus be tough for you keeping in distance from your parents..

me : Not at all sir…I’ve been studying in hostel before during my secondary schoolll

4) T: oOohh yOu might get use to it…

ME: yah…

5) T :is there anybody from your family is a doctor?

ME :none of them are doctors..all of them are teachers..yada I woul like to be different from them…that’s y I choose to be a doctor….

6) T: Why do you want to be a doctor?

-none of my family are doctors

-love science

-want to contribute something to Malaysia…

7) T: What quality that you have to be a good doctor?

Leadership..bla2 attachment..yada yada

8) Do you think doctor need to be aware of patients community and neglect the social community?

I don’t agree with that statement sir…bla2 bla2…bcoz social community could someow bring us the problem like abortion……..

9) T: Do you think abortion is allowed in Malaysia?

ME :Yeah it still being done but illegally (damn answer, is should discuss more on it)… but however if the baby in there harm the mother we still can accept that…

10t: Why Ireland?

ME: Developed but very nice scenary..bla2x I really wanna go there…yada yada

11) T: Do you have any friends or relatives from Ireland?

ME:Yeah I have few of my seniors…my mom’s friend who work there…bla2x

12) T: What do they think about Ireland?

ME :Oh they say that Ireland is a very nice country..the people there are very friendly…bla2x….

13) T: How about the weather there?

ME: Ooohh I heard that the weather there is just nice..not so cold not so hot..

14) T:Not know all the photos that have been taken there are mostly during a god time but most probably it always raining for two weeks…

ME: non stop raining??

15) T: Yeah..non stop raining…bla2xxx

16) T Well do you have any question to ask?

ME: Well I’m interested in knowing what are actually st.Patrick day?

17) T: It’s bla2222222

18) T : Do you have any other question?

ME: Ohh hOw about the food there..i’ve heard about boxty and irish stew..

19 T: It’s bla2……ANOTHER INTERVIEWER: what? Boxty? We never have it now in Ireland?

20) ME: What u never eat that before?

21) T: Oh for me I have tried it..but most of us has never tried it because it is the food for poor people bla2x bla2x….

ME...oh ya,,?

T: how does it taste..?

ME: Owh it taste natural…

t: do you have any other question?

ME : No.

T: .ok thank you very much….

OVERALL 23 question..i'm so scared i dont get that..:( hmmm

why i feel like i only span 10 minutes with the interviewers? it suppose to be 20 minutes...

i dont know..i hope it because of i started the interviewe early..

i really hope so..

but if not..10 minutes only could mean something bad...


maka setelah engkau selesai, tetap bekerja keras untuk yang lain...

dan hanya kepada tuhanmu engkau berharap....

ya allah..bantulah hamba mu yang lemah ini...

berikanlah kejayaan yang terbaik untukku ya Allah

Thanx sir…

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