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Wednesday, 19 January 2011


habis interview semalam dh rasa x sedap hati...
rupa2nya nak dapat berita ni....

this is email from yahoo group written by our counselor



The first morning of the interview I received bad news from IUMC bcause they
have different system allocating number of seats among the preparatory colleges
such as INTEK, KYUEM and others. As a result number of seats for KMB decreases
dramatically (only 25 places). We are also competing with students from other

However as the day went and they interviewed more and more students they were
"FLOORED" (Barbra's word) by you. They simply think you are amazing. One of
the interviewers who interviewes your seniors last year told me there was a mark
of differences. We must have been doing something right!

They are actually quite sad and concern with those of you who will not be
offered the place NOT because you are NOT good but simply there's not enough
places. They asked me to tell you, dont give up on your dream to become doctor
regardless you get the place at IUMC or not, because they think all of you have
what it takes to become great doctor.

So today I am happy to be informed, for each panel, the highest score given to
KMB students. They decided to change the way they decide on the seats allocated
for each school and decided to put all candidates in a pool. I was informed the
number of successful applicants from KMB will increase from 25 to 35 ++ plus 5
in waiting list Will know about that by 25th Feb 2011. I will post the result
as soon as I know. In the mean time please do not email IUMC or Miss Barbra,
let them do their job.

For those who do not get an offer from IUMC, I have negotiated with few
universities, let's just take one step at a time. In the mean time, finish your
EE, TOK and others, get ready for your IRP. After all the IB actual result is
the deciding factor.

Dr. Saaidah

xnak mengharap :(